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A mouthguard is an appliance made to protect teeth and surrounding tissue from oral trauma during athletic or physical activities. The mouthguard can be prefabricated (or stock), or custom made. Custom fit mouthguards are generally more comfortable. For children, they must be changed as new teeth grow. Mouthguards can prevent serious injuries such as jaw fractures, neck injuries, concussions, and teeth fractures. Studies have reported that concussions can be decreased by almost 50% by wearing a mouthguard.

Night Guard – prevents tooth wear from grinding (Bruxism). Stress is a common cause of grinding.

Fluoride Guard – strengthens teeth to resist cavities. Fluoride is placed in the guard and worn for 4 minutes.

Bleaching Guard – bleaching chemicals that form hydrogen peroxide are placed in this to whiten teeth.

Do you need a mouth guard? This article from the ADA shows you options and helps you know the steps you need to take if you need a mouth guard for your activities.

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