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Many people experience undue anxiety about visiting the dentist. In recent years, the remote possibility of being exposed to AIDS or other infections in the dental office has heightened that anxiety. But dentists take a host of precautions throughout the day to protect their patients.
You should know about these measures, but you may find that talking with your dentist is difficult. Not only can technical language get in the way, but so can fear and anxiety.

The American Dental Association understands your concerns. That’s why we’ve created ADACares™, a public education program that dispels the myths about infection control procedures. And it all starts with a little heart-to-heart.

You may not be aware that sterilization and other infection control precautions take place, be cause many of these procedures occur out of your view. We want to give you some tips on how to talk with your dentist, and on some of the things you can look for in your dentist’s office to allay your anxiety about patient safety. Spending a few minutes talking about infection control procedures will not only boost your confidence, it also will help you become a smart dental consumer and form a successful relationship with your dentist. Here’s what you should ask.